Visual Merchandising


With Norwood’s endless design and manufacturing capabilities it comes as no surprise that our three-dimensional displays are highly sort after for Retail Stores and Trade Shows. It is universally accepted that Retailers recognise the importance of Visual Merchandising displays in maximising sales. Both goods and services can be displayed in a creative manner to highlight their features and benefits. Our Visual Merchandising displays will attract, engage, and motivate customers to purchase your products.


Command attention with our extensive selection of signage, all custom-designed with a wide array of eye-catching shapes and colours. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, our highly durable polypropylene plastic and UV offset printing technology provide our signage with long lasting qualities and fade resistant images in almost any environment.

We also offer a selection of substrates in varying levels of gloss and thickness, including:

  • Self-adhesive vinyl – vibrant, long-lasting and perfect for outdoor use
  • Electrostatic materials – the substrate that never gives up, capable of being applied again and again to the most smooth surfaces
  • Plastic sheeting – an environmentally friendly polypropylene solution that is non-toxic and recyclable.

Pull Up Banners

o Whether they're for a one-off event or for an ongoing retail display, our pull-up banners are a sure-fire way to grab attention – they're our most popular signage option. Constructed in a way that allows the banners to free-stand, hang and be changed with ease, they are perfect to travel with and store away as needed. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor display, our pull-up banners come in an extensive range of colour, size and substrates to suit your needs.

Promotional Merchandising

Whether you're running a small or large operation, the identity of your brand should be as important to your business as the product itself. Our brand development team will optimise every single aspect of your product's aesthetics, usability and design. Let us work with you to develop a brand using unique technology for its implementation. Our team will ask lots of questions to understand your goals, and then we'll work towards solutions that proudly represent your business in the marketplace. Our services begin with the development of logos, business cards, brochures and flyers then expand into the design of your printed packaging, signage, and website.

At Norwood the possibilities for printing are endless. Everyday our Multi Media team, comprising of graphic/industrial designers, production crew and photographers, are exploring new and innovative designs and products for our customers. Our intention is to help any client build their ideas and products from the ground up!