Trade Shows

We bring print to life

Norwood creates displays for trade shows to showcase products and enhance market awareness of a company and/or a specific product. Norwood has been involved in many innovative displays for trade shows and other events.

In 2013 Norwood's graphic and industrial design teams created our dinosaur themed stand at the Green Expo in Queensland. Norwood wanted to demonstrate to our customers that Norwood were moving beyond the stone-age of printing and moving in an exciting and innovative direction with print and products. Norwood values its history of traditional printing formats but hopes to encourage new ideas and methods of printing for the future.

The truck stand was used at an open house trade show in the United States in 2013. Fredriks Nursery is a long-standing partner of Norwood and shares our passion for new marketing ideas. The stand was received wonderfully and many children enjoyed riding the truck!

Norwood worked with Ball Australia late in 2013 to build the pinkest of all stands! Ball decided during their grower trials to showcase their Geranium Pinktastic range and to support and help gain awareness for the breast cancer foundation. We showcased their products and provided all the tools for the display.