Label Design

Unique label concepts created in-house

We know our rhododendrons from our ranunculi at Norwood. Most importantly, we know how to market them.

In the nursery, the label is the silent salesperson. Often, plants are not in flower or in fruit at the nursery so tags must show the plant's potential, all while complying with NGIA labelling guidelines. We also appreciate that comprehensive care and planting instructions are an essential. And we know that labels must be durable enough to survive in an outdoor environment.

Our design team uses the latest technology to meet these needs and take it even further.

Norwood's Graphic Design team is a dynamic and creative group that includes Danielle Taylor, Samantha Bakopoulos, Jennifer Cheers and Adam Coyle.

Together, they can make your plants bloom through unique and engaging designs, including:

Point of Sale

  • Bench strips
  • Pot aprons
  • In-store posters
  • Banners
  • Seedling tray handles
  • Pot wraps and boxes.
  • Custom-designed Logos and Branding


  • Branding
  • Bylines
  • Naming concepts
  • Extensions of the design
  • Market positioning
  • Further market penetration
  • Branding for the grower
  • Presenting product in the retail environment
  • Trade stands and events

​Norwood's Image Library

Our image library requires a customer log-in and the exchange of secure information for ordering from the more than 100,000 published images we license out.

Photography Services

We have our own photographic studio where our highly skilled operators photograph new varieties of plants.


Our studio is equipped with the very latest technology, hardware and software.


We have a system in place to manage royalties for individual growers.


We have CAD sampling, where products can be cut out on our Kongsberg machine.