Industrial Design

Building our customers ideas from the ground up

​When an idea lands on our desk, the first place it goes to is our design engine room. Here our industrial designers formulate creative ideas and solutions that go beyond simple functionality. The shared experience of each member of our design team comes together to ensure nothing but the finest product. Our onsite materials and manufacturing processes allow prototypes to be easily created before final production.

The areas that power the Engine Room are:

  • Concept Development: From the initial point of sketching and idea generation to the final stages of electronic prototyping and presentation, everything created in the Engine Room is done from a solid base of manufacturing research and industry knowledge.
  • 3D CAD modelling: Our CAD modelling systems can provide photo-real renders and to-point engineering drawings.
  • Prototyping: We can bring your idea to life by providing prototyping via 3D printing, CNC cutting, metal fabrication and flat bed/digital printing options.
  • Packaging: We are well-versed in the packing of products and extend our specialisation in this field to promotional collateral, cosmetics, medical, pot wraps for horticulture and packaging for the food and wine industries
  • Product Design: Our product design branches out to stationary, retail solutions, set design and paneling and promotional features for trade shows.
  • We also offer manufacturing and fabrication, a full range of signage options and product photography.

Visual Merchandising Design

Our expertise with visual merchandising can help bring your business to life. Turn your retail space into a retail experience with anything from self-adhesive stickers and large-format print to storefronts and complete store fit-outs.

​Product and Package Design

​Product and Package Design

Any product and packaging you can think of, we've got the designs to match it. Everything is possible, including anything from individually branded bespoke stationary, such as document wallets, to set design and full retail solutions.

​Concept Development

We start with a design brief, where the initial concept and design parameters are fleshed out. Once we have a basic idea, we'll suggest some suitable substrates, taking into account what kind of materials and manufacturing processes are most applicable. Then, depending on the product, we'll provide you with either a physical prototype or an electronic render to make sure you're happy. If at that stage any changes to be made, we'll make them. Once everything's confirmed, we get to work straight away on bringing your idea to life.

​3D Computer Aided Design Modelling

Norwood employs highly sophisticated digital design systems that ensure technical needs are met in an efficient and timely manner.

Our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software will help bring your ideas to life, whether it is a cutting edge 2D package for an existing product or a 3D innovative idea that has never been thought of before.

CAD models are an invaluable tool when it comes to the manufacture of your product. Norwood can produce a quick and accurate technical drawing with the help of CAD. Durability testing can be performed with a simulator that is built into the software, unearthing weak points and offering insights into the use of materials. When it comes time to roll your product off the line, a CAD file can be sent straight to the manufacturer, saving time and ensuring quality control.


If you can think of it, Artios can make it happen. The Artios CAD program has been implemented specifically for packaging solutions, whether it's a simple square or a highly complex shape constructed with folding and curvatures.

Artios CAD makes possible:

  • 3D packaging mock-ups that can be created quickly and efficiently
  • Creation of a 3D render of your packaging product, even while integrating complex design elements
  • Design previews that can be sent as high-resolution files, meaning any fine tuning can be undertaken before production
  • Graphic design work (Adobe files) that can be wrapped around a 3D packaging model to be used in pre-production presentation
  • 2D to 3D animations of the folding process
  • Die cut samples trimmed with precision to minimize wastage and save you money, thanks to our CNC sample-making machines


Since the acquisition of our CNC router and cutting machines, our cut and fold technology has reached unbeatable precision. With in-built Artios CAD integration, the these machines are able to cut and crease the most complex sample designs in a matter of minutes, leaving no room for human error and the least possible margin for off cut waste.

CAD-CAM Sample Making allows for:

  • Mock-ups to be made without the need for an expensive cutting forme
  • Artios CAD-created packaging designs to be uploaded and cut with absolute precision.
  • An extensive range of materials to be cut including paper, board and an extensive selection of our plastic substrates
  • All materials to be perfectly cut, creased and plotted on both sides
  • An extremely sharp cutting head to be used while maintaining complete safety for human operators (the DynaGuard safety system's highly reactive sensors shut down the entire machine if tripped.)