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Norwood changed the face of plant marketing when it manufactured the first plastic plant tags. Since then, we haven't slowed down. We have continued to invest in the technology and the people needed to stay ahead and make new strides in the field.

This same commitment to innovation can be found in our commercial printing division. We work closely with agencies, brokers and clients to provide only the best printing results. Our printed products include corporate clubs, weatherproof stickers, decals, hang sells, packaging, folders and large promotional items and banners.

With our UV printing experience and expertise, Norwood can find a way to produce a unique printed product to meet your unique needs.


We print lithographically on a wide range of high-quality, application-dependent plastic substrates up to 1mm thick.

These include:

We can also process the materials listed above on our wide-format UV Ink-jet Digital Printer, along with a host of other diverse substrates, at more than three times the print area and up to 50mm thick.

These include:

Technology UV Printing

UV Printing

Plastic repels liquids, including inks. So to get our inks to strongly and securely adhere to our plastics, we use powerful ultraviolet (UV) light. It cures our specially formulated UV inks onto the plastic, with highly sophisticated controls that ensure the light's intensity won't cause any heat distortion.

Special Inks & Varnishes

Norwood's specially formulated UV inks and varnishes offer superior ink adhesion, durability and outstanding gloss levels. Combined with our UV offset print technologies, inks and varnishes achieve Mirror Finish® print results with gloss levels of up to 95% – a feat previously available only through off-line lamination processes.

Static Electricity

More than just an occasional annoying shock, static electricity is especially problematic when it comes to plastic, often causing sheets to stick together. To ensure that our plastic doesn't cling – and that our staff members don't get zapped – we use a number of methods to eliminate static electricity, including special deionised air blowers and climate-controlled facilities.

Quality Control

The pen is mightier than the sword and the Dyne Pen is the mightiest of all. We apply it to every batch of plastic that comes through our doors to control surface wettability and ensure we get the very best ink adhesion.

Norwood's equipment profile includes:

Customer Satisfaction

Norwood has thousands of loyal and satisfied customers throughout Australia, the US and the world. Some have stayed with us for more than 40 years. While this is partly due to the quality of our printing and products, we believe it is also due to our unwavering commitment to customer service.

Our highly specialised staff is dedicated to finding the right solution for you and your next promotion or sales event – no matter what. In the rare event that we can't fulfil your requirements, chances are that we will know someone who can. Get in touch with us today.

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