About Norwood

A short history of Norwood

Don and Kath Eason established Norwood Press in 1960.

Our name may have shrunk (The “Press" has been dropped), but everything else at Norwood has expanded. From clothing and horticultural products at first to printing for the commercial market today, Norwood is committed to refining and expanding its processes to now print on almost anything and for any purpose.



You have probably worn something with Norwood in it before. For many years, we produced hundreds of millions of labels for major clothing brands. We were even around for you during your childhood; our personalised cloth nametags were sewn on countless school uniforms across the country.

Our trusty nametag machine was retired in 1980, but like many Australians, we still have a soft spot for the nostalgic memories it brings. The machine has since been restored to its original condition and now sits proudly on display at our head office in Hallam, Victoria, Australia.



Following success in printing for the clothing and horticultural trades, Norwood branched out to the commercial market. At first, this involved supplying shelf talkers for retail stores and plastic phone cards. But soon there came a huge demand for high quality printing on durable and weatherproof materials.

Our advancements in this area was rewarded with a short term contract from Note Printing Australia in 1999 to assist them in the manufacture of foreign currencies that use the polymer note technology.

From its humble beginnings in Surrey Hills, Victoria, Norwood now provides a wide range of print services including self-adhesive signage, point of sale, binders, satchels and all sorts of packaging items. Even printers across the country call on Norwood for printing on plastic.

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